The Vintage: In the immortal words of Tom Petty, “Let me up, I’ve had enough.” Yeah, it was like that. Too farmin’ hot and no fall sprinkle to rehydrate the vines. No ambiguity, no uncertain terms. “Hotter than the hubs of Hell!” as Ernie’s paternal grandmother would tell you.  And as farmer’s we just take it. What choice do we have? Oh sure, you can irrigate if you are making that kind of wine. Or just buy a couple cases of beer and invite over a few friends, strategically positioned in the driest part of the vineyard. The lower and especially the upper bounds of climate change have exceeded a tolerable distribution curve by several more than just a few standard deviations. Miss me yet? – Vintage 2011 channeling vintage 2007. Read all about the 2018 vintage on the FLOG:

​Tasting Notes: Waxen limone honeycomb leads to plum blossom, candied pear, cardamom and kumquat zest invite a crisp and svelte palate expression followed by an abundance of minerality, chalk and brazen acidity.

Culinary Inclinations: An aperitif wine served with oysters on the half, caviar and the standard accoutrements, or smoke black cod accompanied by julienned sundried tomatoes, basil pesto, 6-month Manchego and herbed goat cheese crisps.

Bellpine Pearl Accolades: 

2017 Bellpine Pearl

Sporting intensely flamboyant pink coral, an evolving bouquet of fresh summer strawberry, currant and tea rose aromas are enlivened by kumquat zest to conjure up a kaleidoscopic Springtime bouquet. Flavors of pineapple, strawberry and starfruit evoke a cloudburst of mid-palate intensity that lingers effortlessly as if there is unfinished business to attend. And that is just about as elegant a thrill as one can expect from “The Pearl.” The next move is up to you…

          - Amalie Robert Estate Tasting Notes

Light, bright orange. Bright and expansive on the fragrant nose, displaying ripe red berry and floral pastille aromas and subtle herb and spice nuances. Chewy and broad on the palate, offering concentrated raspberry and bitter cherry flavors that tighten up slowly with aeration. A minerally note adds refreshing bite to the finish, which lingers with very good, minerally persistence.

          - Josh Raynolds, Vinous, August 2018 - 90 points

2016 Bellpine Pearl

​Brilliant polished copper flits about its confines restlessly awaiting a chance encounter. Upon release, the enticement is Orange blossom, kumquat zest, mountain laurel and Asian pear. Broadly textured from the free run juice of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, the pure essence of Pinot pervades the palate with the elegance of unadorned fruit and precision of deftly poised acidity yielding a very clean and radiant blush.​

          - Amalie Robert Estate Tasting Notes

Full orange. Dried red berries, orange pith and pungent flowers on the mineral-accented nose. Concentrated red berry and citrus fruit flavors are accompanied by a spicy element that adds back-end lift and cut. Rich yet lively, delivering solid closing thrust on a long, supple finish that echoes the berry note.

          - Josh Raynolds, Vinous, February 2018 - 90 points

2015 Bellpine Pearl

A white maple hue alludes to the vinous origins. Bright and distinctive aromas of ripe melon, mango and golden raspberries penetrate. The palate experience is rich providing mid-palate volume without the encumbrance of oak maturation, allowing the true character of the fruit and natural acidity to triumph. This Pearl is far from a shrinking Violet.

          - Amalie Robert Estate Tasting Notes

Bellpine Pearl

The 2018 Bellpine Pearl is a still white wine made from gently pressed wings of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir.

The unique platinum color results from brief exposure of the clear juice to the deeply hued skins. Bellpine is the name of our sedimentary soil seried and Bellpine Pearl is our pearl from the soil or "Perle de Bellpine."