Waft The Fruit Syrah. Every once in a while we come across a barrel of wine that gives us a moment of pause, WTF. To capture the breadth, depth and balance of this wine, we chose to bottle this single barrel of Syrah separately. Welcome to our world.

This is something other. In winemaking, you can research and postulate all you want, but until you actually put 60 gallons of wine into a $1,200 barrel and wait a couple of years, you don’t really know.

Well, now we know. This particular cooper’s barrel was not ready to show us its magic after 2 years, or 3 years. Ernie became concerned at the 4 year mark, as that is the typical barrel maturation period of the most celebrated single vineyard Côte Rôtie Syrah wines.

But he wouldn’t let it go. And by spring 2023 we could finally Waft The Fruit! (Single barrel production, 24 cases produced)


Machiavellian red. A swirl of the stem unleashes an intense torrent of five spice, cured meat, bridle leather, garrigue, incense and rich dark cacao. Initially seeming quite pleasant on the palate, the show is only just beginning. A damn fine tongue lashing awaits! Layer upon layer of deeply structured Syrah begins to permeate, hedonistically triggering increased serotonin production. Quick breaths of air across the palate provide accelerant for the inevitable crescendo that surely awaits. The stem tannins now assert themselves, teasing and accentuating the moments leading up to the inevitable foregone conclusion. After the proper refractory period, a second sip is left to the readers discretion. What a tease!

Culinary Inclinations: We have said it before and will say it again. Grilled buffalo ribeye on the bone finished with a sprig of rosemary accompanied with braised winter greens topped with balsamic vinegar and garlic mashed polenta with crumbled bacon. An assortment of blue cheeses completes the afters.

- Amalie Robert Estate Tasting Notes

Winemaking: The Continuation of Terroir by Other Means ®

I strongly encourage readers to benefit from the delightfully scripted insights into viticulture and winemaking that form the "climate update" blog on Amalie Robert's website, charting the entire winery year.
- ​David Schildknecht, The Wine Advocate

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