We have developed the A-List to provide value to those who enjoy our style of winegrowing. Long before we started growing our own wine, we had experiences with other winery affinity programs, some good, others not so much. Our goal is to provide a way for you to source our wines directly, at a very attractive price.

We chose to base our program on the following principle: Provide value at each opportunity. We considered the Nordstrom model of customer service, the unwavering quality of BMW and the restrained elegance that is Gleneagles where we spent our Valentine's week in 1997. Based on our own life experiences, here is the A-List affinity program we offer.

It begins when Dena signs you up: There is no upfront fee and you are free to go at anytime. Also, we can customize your experience in the wines you choose to receive. For example, you may choose our full portfolio, reds only, or just Pinot Noir. The choice is yours. As the founders and owners, we enjoy the flexibility of customizing our program to match your interests. Please note: The Reserve Pinot Noir is always an optional shipment.

When a wine is ready to be enjoyed, we release it to the A-List first. Each wine’s 2 bottle shipment is discounted 10% from the winery retail price. We always have an event weekend when a wine is released so you can try one “on the house” instead of opening yours. You can either pick up at the winery, or we can ship when the weather is conducive.

If a wine is in your “acquire” or “outperform” category, there is an opportunity for enhanced value. All A-List purchases receive a 10% discount. However, orders of 12 bottles or more (including mix and match) receive a 20% discount and ground shipping is included within the continental United States. This includes access to older vintages from our library. Disclosure: There are never any 12b-1 fees.

Of course, we would like to see you and show you how your wine is grown. All A-List members receive complimentary tastings throughout the year including parties of up to 4 people. If the A-List sounds like your kind of program, please let Dena know. She will contact you to discuss what wines are right for your A-List experience.

Here is a quick review on how the A-List works:

Every time we release an A-List wine in your portfolio, you will receive 2 bottles at 10% off the winery retail price. The wines are released when we feel they are ready to be enjoyed, not necessarily on a set schedule. If we could only get Mother Nature on board…

All follow-on orders for any Amalie Robert Estate wines receive an A-List discount. No retail for you! Orders of less than 12 bottles receive a 10% discount. Orders of 12 bottles or more receive a 20% discount and free ground shipping anywhere in the continental US.

We also offer free tastings for A-List members and up to 4 guests throughout the year. You may choose to make an appointment for your party or join us for any of our scheduled open house weekends.

Now a little more on the portfolios:

The Pinot Noir Only portfolio will receive 6 wines during the year for a total of 12 bottles. The wines and current winery retail prices are:

- The Uncarved Block ($30)
- Dijon Clones ($40)
- Amalie’s Cuvee ($50)
- Estate Selection ($50)
- Pommard Clone ($65)
- Wadenswil Clone ($65)

The Reds Only portfolio will receive 8 wines during the year for a total of 16 bottles. The wines and current winery retail prices are:

- The Pinot Noir Only portfolio
- Pinot Meunier ($30)
- Satisfaction Syrah ($40)

The Full Portfolio will receive 12 wines during the year for a total of 24 bottles. The wines and current winery retail prices are:

- The Reds Only portfolio
- Pinot in Pink Rosé ($20)
- Dijon Clones Chardonnay (stainless steel fermented) ($22)
- Heirloom Cameo Chardonnay (barrel fermented) ($50)
- Our Muse Viognier ($40)

We produce a few specialty wines that are always available at A-List pricing, but we do not automatically include them in your portfolio. The wines are “opt – in only” and include:

- iPinot Noir ($38)
- The Reserve Pinot Noir ($100)
- Top Barrel Syrah ($100)

The Amalie Robert Estate A-List: “How to never pay retail again.” We believe joining the A-List provides you the best value for purchasing and enjoying Amalie Robert Estate wines. If you would like further information, please contact Dena at dena@amalierobert.com.

The A-List