Amalie Robert Estate "Winegrowers You Must Try"
Sung to the tune of "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

From books and school to the corporate world we began
Living life in black & white and working for the man
We shared some wine on a weekend rendezvous
Our fate was sealed by Pinot Noir, and life began anew
Yipie Meunier, Yipie Pinot
But for the grace of God, this could be you
Now we're at the seasons' end with winds and rain, you bet
We've got to pick those grapes, but they aint ready yet
It seems like forever that we wait for this one day
Detailed plans we make, but Mother Nature leads the way

Yipie Meunier, Yipie Pinot
Satisfaction Syrah and Amalie's Cuvee

Our brand is now on fire, our presence you will feel
You may not have tried our wine, but soon we're sure you will
You've had to wait this long, and you must wonder why
Swirl carefully for if you spill a drop, with us you will cry

Yipie Meunier, Yipie Pinot
Wine growers you must try

Past the TSA and in this tiny tube we must fly
Hurtling with all Godspeed through the moonlit sky
Travelling across the plains pouring for those we have not met
We're working hard to sell this wine, cause we aint sold out yet

Yipie Meunier, Yipie Pinot
It's your whistle we aim to wet

We are coming to your town and mister you will see
An Oregon Pinot Noir with the brand of Amalie
Taste the wine and read the spam you cannot resist
Within a month you'll be receiving wines, direct from our A-list.

Yipie Meunier, Yipie Pinot
Please don't reply "cease and desist"

- Apologies to song writer Stanley Jones. Any inconvenience is regretted.

© 2011 Amalie Robert Estate, LLC