The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus tracker has been updated to provide detail down to the county level. Dallas, where we are located in Polk County, Oregon, as of Monday afternoon stands at 13 confirmed cases with no fatalities. We remain healthy and are hoping you are as well. You can visit the Johns Hopkins site to gain a view on your local conditions here. Click on the Admin tabs on the lower left sidebar for state and then county information.

As “Essential Businesses” Oregon grocery stores and wineries are open subject to Oregon’s safety protocols. At Amalie Robert Estate, that means we will pick and pack your order and bring it outside the cellar door to your vehicle. We accept cash, however, would prefer credit card transactions where possible. We are not accepting visitors inside the winery and will let everyone know when these restrictions change. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we evolve with the latest information.

This means you will most likely be home for the weekend, and this might be a good time to start planning your SIP activities. If you are fortunate enough to SIP together, here are some thoughts to consider:

Friday Night Flights: Enjoy a flight of wines with a handy dandy Amalie Robert at Home Tasting Kit. You may want to check with your at Home Sommelier if the corkage fees are waived.

this six pack of Pinot in Pink Rosé will run you just $80. It is OK to order 2, but we must limit your purchase to no more than 56 six packs. That’s all we have. If you have an existing order to ship, Dena will verify your logistics with you this week. If you need to place an order, and add a 6 pack of Pinot in Pink Rosé, you can do that here with Amalie Robert Direct.

Amalie Robert Estate Home Tasting Kits Now Available!

Free ground shipping with any 12 bottle order! Don’t delay, get yours today! Pinot in Pink Rosé Lip Sanitizer available for a limited time!

In these uncertain times, we can help provide a little clarity in your vinous journey. The Amalie Robert Estate Home Tasting Kit will help you determine if your wine tests POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. Each Home Tasting Kit includes all of the sundry items you will need including: 2 Amalie Robert logo Riedel burgundy glasses, a polish cloth (2 pack), a corkscrew for those deeply seated cork issues we all sometimes face, a necker drip ring, red and gold logo synthetic wine stoppers, and a set of Amalie Robert Estate Special High Intensity Tasting evaluation sheets specific to each wine in your order. 

We recommend replicated tasting trials of each wine where possible. This exercise can be performed by a single evaluator or in situ with a small group according to the

Cellar Door Event, Lip Sanitizer & Home Tasting Kits

We would also like to remind you that everyone gets a free cork included in each bottle. Our corks are firebranded (no ink) and are made from natural tree bark, as are most premium closures in use for fine wines today. They are also considered to be an approved vegan closure. We compress our corks to about 50% of their relaxed diameter and then insert them into our bottles. The cork will naturally expand to fill the neck of the bottle and seal the contents inside from virtually all outside contamination. While natural corks are not a substitute item for bath tissue, they may perform a necessary and vital function during an “out of stock” condition. 

The Cellar Door will by open by appointment for wine and tasting kit pickups Friday, April 3 through Sunday, April 5 from 10 am to 3 pm. Select your wines, select your time. Let us know and we will have them ready! Click here to request a time

If you are looking for more protection, may we suggest augmenting your facial mask protocol with a lip sanitizer. Lips are important and form a quite necessary aperture for the enjoyment of wine. To exclude lips from the first line of defense seems to leave open a pathway to potential infection. To help provide a first line of protection for your lips we are offering Pinot in Pink Rosé as a home remedy lip sanitizer. Note: The effectiveness of Pinot in Pink Rosé as a home remedy lip sanitizer has not been proven, studied or even contemplated.

And here’s the deal. Add a six pack of Pinot in Pink to any existing or new order for a cool $100 and we will include not only the corks but also ground shipping at no additional cost. If you are on the A-List

Or if you would like assistance with your evaluation wines, we would be happy to provide a recommendation based on our personal preferences.

You can reach Dena by email at and by phone at 503-88-CUVEE (503-882-8833).

laws in your local community. Note: It is hard to perform this rigorous evaluation in jail, not that the authorities will throw you in jail for defying their community ordinances, more likely just a large fine. This means you will have less money to spend on wine. Check with the Spring Break crowd for further guidance on civil disobedience enforcement in your area.

The following 5 points of criteria should be evaluated independently. A binary result of POSITIVE or NEGATIVE will be the only outcome from each criterion. You may add additional sensory evaluation in the white space provided. After each criterion have been evaluated, or the wine is fully consumed, you may draw a conclusion as to whether the wine in question tested POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. Partial specimen bottles may be stoppered with an Amalie Robert logo synthetic wine stopper.

Note: This is referred to as a “Destructive Testing Procedure”. Whereby the sample wine is NOT to be returned to the specimen bottle after evaluation. This is an important distinction in a replicated tasting scenario. The procedure has been well thought out and is to be strictly implemented.

Aroma:                              _____ Positive                  _____ Negative   

Flavor:                               _____ Positive                  _____ Negative

Texture:                            _____ Positive                  _____ Negative

Finish:                               _____ Positive                  _____ Negative

Perceived Length:           _____ Positive                  _____ Negative

​Please follow this link to place your order for the Amalie Robert Estate Home Tasting Kit. Your $59.00 kit ships free with any 12 bottle order (discount will be applied manually with order confirmation). Note that all 12 bottle orders have shipping included if you are on the A-List.

Amalie Robert Estate Home Tasting Kits can be purchased separately for $69.00 and shipped direct to your home in all states with no signature required.

We recommend a perfunctory Lip Sanitizer such as Pinot in Pink Rosé before you begin your evaluation. A six pack of Pinot in Pink Lip Sanitizer delivered with ground shipping included is a sweet $100, but just $80 for A-Listers.

And if you are not an A-Lister (yet), here is the SIP Ship Special! We are offering a flat rate on ground shipping of $20 on any order of $200 or more, $10 on any order of $300 and we will include shipping on any order of $400 or more. Note: You are already getting the corks for free. Need us to ship it to you? We have UPS on speed dial.

This is not our first SIP rodeo. We have been SIP together for quite a while now and we can each recommend a 6 pack for you to share with your SIP buddy. Of course you can mix and match, or choose anything you would like from our extensive selection of varieties, blends and vintages (parenthetically noted). We offer everyone case discounts on 12 bottle orders and ground shipping is included for A-List members.

Here is what Dena would have you SIPing:

- Our Muse Viognier – It’s always 5:00 sometime (2018)

- Pinot in Pink Rosé Lip Sanitizer – Individual bottles or 6 bottle convenience packs (2018)

- Pinot Meunier – Aromas of raspberries and rose petals provide allure and intrigue (2018)

- Uncarved Block Pinot Noir – Not sure where to begin? I’m your huckleberry (2015 – 2011)

- Amalie’s Cuvée Pinot Noir – The Hers in the Hers and His Reserves (2015 – 2007)

- Pommard Clone Pinot Noir – Dena is the Pommard Girl, no doubt about it (2016 – 2010)

And here is Ernie’s 6 pack. A masculine selection, in touch with its feminine side:

- Bellpine Pearl - Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir Rosé: Blanc (2018) or Blushing (2017)

- Heirloom Cameo BFC – Barrel Fermented Chardonnay in a very large barrel (2016 – 2015)

- Dijon Clones Pinot Noir – Clone 113 to 777 and all the stops along the way (2015 – 2009)

- Estate Selection Pinot Noir – The His in the Hers and His Reserves (2015 – 2008)

- Wadenswil Clone Pinot Noir – Swiss Pinot Noir grown on sedimentary soil (2016 – 2011)

- Satisfaction Syrah (2014) – Forget what you heard, we’ve got your Satisfaction right here

Add-on a 6 pack of Lip Sanitizer for your continued safety and maybe a Home Tasting Kit if you are going to SIP together for the first time. You just can’t be too careful in these unprecedented times.

You can visit Amalie Robert Direct here to place an order, shipping rates will be manually adjusted and confirmed with you prior to selecting your preferred shipping date. Alternatively, you can contact Dena and she can help you choose wines from the best of the cellar.

You can reach Dena by email at and by phone at 503-88-CUVEE (503-882-8833).

Dinner and a Movie: If you have time, and the provisions, maybe cooking together is therapeutic. If you have been SIP together all week, well then maybe not. What to watch? Top Gun (he gets the girl) or Casablanca (he doesn’t get the girl, no matter how many times you watch it). How to decide?

Binge Watch Weekend: Twilight Zone or Monty Python? Hercule Poirot or Indiana Jones? Netflix stock appears to be on the rebound.

And here we see that Ernie has completed his rototiller pass under the watchful eye of a resident red-tail hawk. There is always somebody telling him where to go. Just another session of Special High Intensity Training. He is now ready to sew his cover crop seeds far and wide - all 35 acres worth. That’s alota seed…

Most of the country is under a SIP (Shelter in Place) protocol. We understand that current events may have you physically separated from those you care most about. We understand how that can be. Our early years had Dena living in London and Ernie stationed in Dublin. While never more than one time zone and a phone call away, we looked forward to that Friday night Aer Lingus or British Airways flight that would bring us back together. British Airways was always amusing, they were fluent in both English and American.