Amalie Robert Estate - Wine Pick-ups and Private Tasting Appointments

Amalie Robert Estate is open year round by appointment for private tastings, tours and purchases, weather and harvest conditions permitting.

As we adapt to the COVID-19 Normal, there are some changes to our tasting protocol. First off, we now have 2 shade canopies (and a wall) that effectively double our barrel stations and tasting area overlooking our absolutely gorgeous vineyard. Upon arrival you will be offered your choice of barrel station. Each barrel station is at least 6 feet away from any other barrel station and is equipped with a bottle of sanitizer to be used on your hands. Lip sanitizer, by definition, is part of the tasting program.

Your barrel station will include a new Amalie Robert Riedel glass (they make these just for us) for each person in your party and an unopened bottle of water that you may share among your party to rinse your new stemware. There will also be a double-sided all-in-one tasting program and order form. We may also include some laminated marketing SWAG that is sanitized before and after your tasting appointment. The tasting fee is $15 with the Riedel tasting glass and $10 is refundable on any two bottle purchase per person. You may also opt for the Riedel Burgundy or the New World Pinot Noir glass for $25 and $10 is refundable on any two bottle purchase per person. The now christened Amalie Robert Riedel glass is yours to keep and may be rinsed again. You may choose to bring your own glasses and the glass purchase will be waived.

Please provide the following information to schedule your visit.