Hello and Welcome,

The holidays are finally upon us. Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of the month and, mathematically speaking, the 28th of November is the latest it can be. It is really just a follow-on from when the 1st of the month occurs, which this year was a Friday. And this is a uniquely American holiday. While we are watching football, or out skiing before the big feast, the rest of the world is working. They don’t have to like it, but they do have to accept it.

And here is an offer we hope you do accept. We are offering Holiday promotional pricing across our entire portfolio of wines. Mix and match from Chardonnay to Syrah and every Pinot Noir vintage in between. Select verticals and horizontals to entertain your frontal lobe, fill in some vacant spots in the wine rack or stuff someone’s stocking (including yours) as the case may be.

And here’s the bargain: Every order of 6 or more bottles earns a 10% discount. Increase your order to 12 or more bottles and the discount increases to 15% and ground shipping is now included.

It’s better on the A-List. Every order up to 6 bottles earns a 10% discount, 6 or more bottles earns a 15% discount and ground shipping is now included. Increase your order to 12 or more bottles and the discount rises to 30% and ground shipping is still included.

Hey, that A-List sounds pretty good! You can learn more about that right here: The A-List at Amalie Robert Estate.

Visit Amalie Robert Direct to find your favorite blends and varietals. Don’t let Old Man Winter keep you from your wines. There is still a good shipping opportunity to be had, but not for much longer. Fermenting grapes into wine is one of the oldest things, but shopping on-line is the latest thing and included shipping is the greatest thing about the latest thing when buying one of the oldest things - wine.

You can even order wine while enjoying a glass of wine! It will be more fun than standing in line, outside at 11:59, in the wind and the rain and the sleet and the snow with a 1,000 of your fellow man (pressed closely upon you) trying to ward off germs, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pathogens. Some things you need to see for yourself. In this matter, you can trust us. Shop on-line and let UPS do the shipping.

Don’t delay! Do it today! Or tonight! Visit Amalie Robert Direct to pass up the lines and order your Pinot Noir! Once your order is placed, Dena will manually apply your promotion pricing, contact you to confirm your discount, total purchase price and agree a shipping window.

Questions? Dena@AmalieRobert.com is your go to source for answers. She can even make wine recommendations for your Uncle Bob. You remember Uncle Bob, he is the one with the very unique, vintage sweater. He wears it once a year, whether he needs to or not.

This promotional pricing is valid on new orders received starting tonight at midnight and ending midnight on Monday, December 2nd PST. Included ground shipping applies to the continental United States. Please contact Dena@AmalieRobert.com  if you would like to discuss shipping options to Alaska or Hawaii.

Amalie Robert Estate: 2019 Happy Thanksgiving, and Pass the Pinot Noir!

What: Happy Thanksgiving, and pass the Pinot Noir!

When: Midnight, Wednesday, November 27th through midnight, Monday, December 2nd PST.

Where: Cyber Space, where the Twilight Zone meets the Neutral Zone.

The Offer: Holiday promotional pricing across our entire portfolio of wines!