Amalie Robert Estate Latest News - Our sub-Willamette Valley AVA

Oh, and it is a tiny little sub-AVA of about 4,100 acres comprised of the following producing vineyards and wineries that you may have heard of: Amalie Robert Estate (100% sub-AVA sourced fruit and estate bottled), Freedom Hill Vineyard (our neighbor to the east with whom we share a fence line), Croft Vineyards (tucked into the corner and bordering Freedom Hill Vineyard), Erratic Oaks Vineyard (across the road from Croft Vineyards and Freedom Hill Vineyard.) Then up and around the corner is Illahe Vineyards and Winery, Ash Creek Vineyards (across the road from Illahe Vineyards and Winery), Open Claim Vineyards (the next property north of Ash Creek Vineyards), and completing the loop is Mistletoe Vineyards, planted closest to Mt. Pisgah which forms the geological basis for our sub-AVA petition. It’s a pretty good crowd, all in all. And yet to bear fruit is Fern Creek Vineyard.
Based on the TTB’s schedule (who reviews these sub-AVA petitions,) we should know more in about 4 years.

The Willamette Valley stretches about 150 miles from above Portland to down past Eugene. Our perfect little piece of dirt is located in the mid-point of the Willamette Valley, longitudinally speaking, about 60 miles south of Portland and nestled into the foothills on the western side of the valley. Practically speaking, we are about 15 miles west of Salem.

The biggest, little news we have to share is that the neighborhood came together before harvest this year and completed a sub-Willamette Valley AVA Petition. This was a fairly lengthy process, in that the original motivation arose in March of 2016 when Ernie polled the neighborhood to determine if everyone wanted to be part of a very large sub-AVA being proposed by a very large global wine company, or should we take control of our own destiny and go it alone. After the obligatory bit of yibber-yabber and back and forth, the dust settled and we had agreed boundaries (based on geology, soils and climate) and a name. And the very coolest thing of all is that the geology and resulting soils supporting our sub-AVA are unique not only to our little area, or even the Willamette Valley, but the entire world! Suffice it to say, it is good dirt and we are fortunate to have put our roots down here.