Had enough "Out of Stock" lost sales?

4) Collaborate directly with the owners, and only the owners, of Amalie Robert Estate.

5) Timely communications directly from the winery including remote sales training.

6) Early notice and planning opportunities for new releases, press and sub AVA updates.

7) Special order access to limited production, specialty and seasonally focused wines.

Answer these 5 questions to see if you would benefit from working directly with winery owners:

1) Have you ever had your BTG Chardonnay suddenly go out of stock? Or have the price increase mid-month?

2) Have you ever featured a wine for a monthly promotion and lost sales when trying to fulfill customer re-orders because the wine went out of stock, only to have the same wine available again 2 months later?

3) Have you been surprised by new vintages and price changes when the wines are delivered or the invoice arrives? 

4) Would you like to offer you customers compelling wines that are otherwise not available in your market?

Decreased costs mean increased profits.

Winery Direct to Trade Business Relationship (DTT)

Is a Winery Direct to Trade Business Relationship right for you?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then developing a Winery Direct to Trade Business Relationship may be beneficial to you. 

Our goal is to cultivate a very select and limited set of partners in key markets throughout the country that are interested in a winery direct to trade business relationship. By working directly, we are able to offer you wines and pricing through clearing distributors that is simply not possible through traditional 3-tier distribution. By utilizing a 3-tier compliant clearing distributor to fulfill our transactions, you would be well positioned to improve your margins.

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How could a Winery Direct to Trade Business Relationship benefit you?

1) Increased customer satisfaction by introducing your customers to a previously unavailable brand.

2) Enhanced margins by utilizing a 3-tier compliant clearing distributor.

3) Guaranteed availability and consistent pricing provided by the winery.

She's looking for a better way. Are you?

5) Would you prefer to communicate directly with a winery owner and not waste time with multiple layers of sales people?

BONUS QUESTION: Would you like to make more margin on the wine you sell?

Make the connection! If you have an interest in developing a Winery Direct to Trade Business Relationship where we both share the opportunity for growth and enhanced revenue opportunities, please provide Dena with your contact information.