Please join Dena and Ernie for our Pre-Memorial Day open house from 10 am – 3 pm on Saturday & Sunday, May 19th & 20th. This weekend is not promoted outside of our e-mail subscription list and is your chance to taste small productions and new releases without the enhanced visitation traffic that the following weekend can bring.​

The tasting will begin with our Arismatic whites – That’s when Aromatic meets Charismatic. This will be a full-on sensory experience with Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer and Viognier. And by small production, we mean extremely small with the Gewurztraminer. At a 28 bottle production, this will be the only weekend G’wzr will make a public appearance!

2017 Her Silhouette Chardonnay (New A-List Release)

“Chiffon Harvest Rose yellow introduces star fruit, passion fruit, tamarind and quince paste aromas leading to an admirably concentrated, voluminous and scintillating palate expression of quintessential Chardonnay. Focused and well placed acidity seals the deal.”

2015 Heirloom Cameo Chardonnay (New A-List Release)

“Heirloom daffodil yellow offers elegant scents of Lilly of the Valley, star fruit, Asian pear, Myer lemon custard and brioche. Elegant and lithe on the palate, with subtle nuances harmoniously juxtaposed with acid, tannin and the gift of extended barrel aging build to a voluminous crescendo. Elegant, integrated, refined, and a seamless finish endures.”

2017 G’wzr Gewurztraminer (Optional Release)

“Satin corn silk leads you down the road less traveled. Plum blossom, honeysuckle, Easter lily and a plethora of heady wildflower aromas converge and evolve taking you to full palate immersion. Concentrated flavors and textures linger effortlessly and are balanced by firm acidity and a sweet kiss of Viognier.”

2017 Our Muse Viognier (New A-List Release)

“Ornate gold leaf conjures an exotic bouquet of peach marmalade, cinnamon, quince paste, ripe apricot and Stargazer lily aromas rising to a crescendo. It is just amazing they can all fit in a single glass! The palate is remarkably unctuous, concentrated and leaves your senses sizzling like an isotope. The mid palate transitions to a long and vibrant finish with a sustained half life.”

Then we will focus on the infinite expanse that is Pommard. If you bought wine from the future last year, your 2015 Pommard Clone Pinot Noir has arrived and is ready to be transported home.

2015 Pommard Clone Pinot Noir (New A-List Release)

“Pommard Red. Montmorency cherry, red raspberries, red currants, sandalwood, tilled earth and tamarind allure to a fully expressive palate interleaved with deep red fruits, refined whole cluster stem tannins and vivacious acidity. Elegantly poised and no rough edges to speak of, she’s that kinda girl.”

We will wrap things up with a barrel tasting and a futures offering of the 2016 Pommard. Taste where your palate could be in the future!

2016 Pommard Clone Pinot Noir “Wine from the Future”

We will be offering Futures pricing on the 2016 vintage Pommard Clone Pinot Noir. The wine will be bottled in June and released during the 2019 Pre-Memorial Day weekend. Futures are offered in 6 bottle packs.

Amalie Robert Estate Open House:

Pre-Memorial Day, Arismatic Whites & Wine from the Future!

The winery will be open from 10 am to 3 pm
Saturday, May 19th & Sunday, May 20th